7 Kodak Film Photography Books You Can Download For Free

  • Posted on: 29 July 2015
  • By: gordon

Eastman Kodak may have imploded - not with a bang but with a whimper - but that shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the remnants. Back in the day, Kodak produced quite a few photography publications that you can now download in a variety of formats for your reading pleasure.

The Fundamentals Of Photography

One of the reasons I #BelieveInFilm - other than the general awesomeness - is that even the earliest and most primitive guides to photography offer something of interest to me and help me to develop artistically. Published in 1923, The Fundamentals of Photography offers a look into the mechanics of film photography during its golden era. https://archive.org/details/fundamentalsofph00meesuoft

The Modern Way in Picture Making

A guide to photography published in 1907. The portrait guides are particularly interesting if you are interested in vintage poses and techniques. I would love to try some of these vintages methods in this book with modern Kodak films. https://archive.org/details/cu31924003618968

The Kodak Magazine

"Published monthly in the interests of men and women of the Kodak Organization." An incredible look into what it was like to be an Eastman Kodak employee in the early 1900s. Topics include lens manufacturing methods and updated leases on Eastman Kodak owned employee homes. https://archive.org/details/kodakmagazine01eastuoft

The Theory of Development

Part of a 3 book series that appears to date back to 1889, The Theory of Development teaches the science behind photography of the era. https://archive.org/details/theoryofdevelopm00nietrich

Gelatin in Photography

"Monographs on the Theory of Photography, from the Research Laboratory of Eastman Kodak." Gelatin is not just for dessert! A great look into why Eastman Kodak was once one of the world's largest producers of gelatin. https://archive.org/details/gri_33125001423157

Kodaks and Kodak Supplies, 1914 by Canadian Kodak Company

Delve into what it was like to be a Kodak film shooter in Canada in 1914. If only film photography prices were still as low as in this catalog. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/33183

Self-Teaching Guide to Picture-Taking

A great guide to teaching yourself key photography concepts. This is the most modern document in this whole guide and yet it still feels delightfully dated. http://www.kodak.com/global/en/consumer/education/lessonPlans/guides/pic...


There are an incredible number of documents produced by Eastman Kodak covering all aspects of photography available for download at archive.org. Many used kodak books are available used on ebay.com.